Custom Kilns

Custom Kilns – Envision it, Dream it and We Will Build It!

Custom Kilns

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Olympic Kilns invests its profits in the creation and innovation of building kilns. The designs and engineering of our kilns are built to be structurally sound, high-end performing machines and styled to meet multiple-sized piece requirements.

Olympic Custom Kilns

  • First kiln manufacturer to build square designed 120 volt kilns,
  • First to build larger square designed kilns running on 240-208 volts.
  • First to build 18″ wide octagon 120 volt kilns.
  • First to build 18″ wide square 120 volt kilns.
  • First to design loading capabilities that include both top and clamshell loading on a kiln – creating two kilns in one

You expect and demand value, performance and choice. Olympic Kilns delivers. 

We offer a wide variety of model styles and sizes; however, there are times when you need a kiln built with custom specifications. Olympic will work with you to design the custom kiln you envision.

Custom Gas & Electric Kilns Features

  • Heat Treating for Aeronautics
  • Models with Remote Controls
  • Gulliotine Lifts on Production Front Loaders
  • Electric Car Kilns in non-standard sizes
  • Stackable Sculpting Kilns
  • Production Electric Top Loader with Gas Inlet
  • Blade Kilns
  • Dental Lab Kilns   
  • Burners on the side
  • Blower Burner Kilns
  • UpDraft Front Loaders
  • Gas Car Kilns in non-standard sizes
  • Front & Back Door Kilns
  • Oval Gas Kilns
  • Custom Sized Bell Lifting Glass Kilns with Roll-Out Floor
  • Fuel Emissions Kilns – DPF cleaning kilns
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