Gas Kiln Furniture Kits

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Furniture Kits, Shelves & Posts for Gas Kilns

Olympic Kiln’s gas furniture kits include 3-4 layers of shelving, assorted posts, and a 1-pound bag of kiln wash. If you choose to create your own gas furniture kit or simply want to purchase shelves, make sure you choose kiln furniture and shelves for gas kilns specifically. Gas kiln shelves are smaller in diameter than electric kiln shelves because there needs to be enough space in the kiln for the air and gas to flow for balanced firings.

Electric Kilns Shelves and Posts

Small Kiln Posts


Electric Kilns Shelves and Posts

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Gas Kiln Shelves and Posts

Shelves for Gas Kilns


Gas Kiln Furniture Kits

Furniture Kits for Gas Kilns


The first layer of shelves must be 3” above the kiln floor for proper airflow. We recommend gas kiln shelves have a 1” space in the middle as you stack for proper airflow in the kiln. The direction of the shelves can be alternated from one level to another and ware can be placed on the 1” space between the them. The top layer of gas kiln shelves may be less than 1” apart. 18” Torchbearer and 18 Raku kilns have full shelves that may be used; however, the 3” stacking rule still applies.

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