Locating Your Olympic DownDraft Kiln

  1. Adequate space – at least 12 inches of space between the kiln and the wall. All flammable materials such as curtains, plastics, etc. in the area of the kiln should be removed.
  2. Proper ventilation – if the kiln is located in a confined area it is essential that an exhaust hood be place above the kiln and vented to the outside. This ensures removal of heat and exhaust gases including carbon monoxide. Even if the kiln is outside be sure that the hot exhaust gases do not cause damage.
  3. A 120-volt outlet will be needed if either the kiln sitter system or electronic wall unit were purchased with the kiln.
  4. If the kiln is to be placed outside, ensure that moisture is not permitted. Use a roof over the kiln or some type water resistant tarp when the kiln is not being fired.
  5. Because all kilns generate heat, the burner system/stand should be placed on a cement floor. Vinyl tiles or linoleum could be damaged without this precaution. It is important that the kiln be fired only on the metal stand or frame provided with the burner system. The eleven-inch height of the frame is necessary for proper burner positioning and adequate cooling beneath the kiln. Remember to use sheet metal or non-flammable material to shim the legs when leveling the kiln.

Gas Usage for DownDraft Kilns

  • Low Pressure Regulator (Purchase From Your Gas Supplier)
  • Propane – 11″ Water Column (Water Column is the Amount of Gas Pressure)
  • Natural Gas – 7″ Water Column
  • ¾” Pipe Line for DownDraft 9 Kiln, All Other Models – 1″ Pipe Line (Purchase From Your Gas Supplier)


Olympic gas kilns burners are factory set for use on either propane, or natural gas from a street main. If propane is used, your tank must have a low-pressure regulator like those on a camper or trailer. If an adjustable regulator is used approximately ¾ to 1 ½ pounds of pressure is necessary. The table below is the minimum size tank for a cone 10 firing for each DownDraft model. You need to purchase a larger tank than the cone 10 firing requirement so that you are not having to refill the tank after each firing.

DownDraft Model

Propane (Gallons)

DD9 10
DD12 15
DD14 18
DD17 21
DD20 24
DD24 29
DD30 40
DD40 48

Natural Gas

A larger burner orifice in necessary when used on household gas pressure of six (6) to eight (8) inches of water column. If your kiln was ordered for use on household natural gas, it is equipped this way.

Assembly of Kiln

Olympic DownDraft kilns are shipped ready to fire. There is no assembly or putting the kiln together, unless you have requested a custom kiln. If you have requested a custom order, example a DownDraft kiln with outside dimensions that cannot normally go through a 34 ½” door. If the door has to be taken off, or some other irregular situation is needed, contact Olympic Kilns before dismantling the kiln to maintain your warranty and to insure that no damage occurs to the kiln.

Venting DownDrafts

Proper ventilation is required when firing your gas kiln. Gas kilns fired outside may not require venting. When purchasing vents it is often best to choose a local HVAC or sheet metal manufacturer. or Olympic Kilns can manufacturer one for you. Vent dimensions need to be larger than the outside diameter of the kiln. Diameter at the top of the vent needs to be 10″ discharging into an exhaust pipe required by building conditions or local codes.