Locating and Installing Your Olympic Raku and Torchbearer Kiln

  • Gas Usage for Olympic Raku & Torchbearer Kilns
  • Low Pressure Regulator (Purchase From Your Gas Supplier)
  • Propane – 11″ Water Column (Water Column is the Amount of Gas Pressure)
  • Natural Gas – 7″ Water Column
  • ¾” Pipe Line (Purchase From Your Gas Supplier)


Olympic gas kiln burners are factory set for use on either propane or natural gas determined by the customer’s order. If propane is used, your tank must have a low-pressure regulator like those on a camper or trailer. If an adjustable regulator is used, approximately ½ pound of pressure is necessary. The larger the tank the better; however, a five (5) gallon tank is the minimum size for the 1827G or 18 Raku and a 15 gallon tank is the minimum size for the 2327G/23 Raku and 2827G/28 Raku kilns. Due to gas flow, the propane tank may have a tendency to freeze solid. If ice is observed forming on the outside of the tank, water can be run over it to help keep it melted. The tank can also be lowered into a large bucket of warm water.

Natural Gas

A larger burner orifice in necessary when used on natural gas pressure, six (6) to eight (8) inches of water column is required. If your kiln was ordered for use on household natural gas, it is equipped this way.

Assembly of Kiln

Kiln AssemblyOlympic Torchbearer kilns are built in rings and may be detached and reattached when moving from one location to another. When handling your new kiln rings, always be sure to grasp the rings by the outer surface only. Do not grasp the bricks as they are made of a porous material and may chip in your hand. Raku kilns are shipped fully assembled.

kiln floor over burnersAfter making certain the stand is level, adjust the burner manifold so the pipe section on top of each air mixer is approximately ½ inch below the bottom of the kiln. The kiln bottom must be positioned on the stand so each burner is directly beneath one of the holes.

It is recommended that the burners be positioned with the gas valve on the right side when you are facing the kiln, however, if it is more convenient to place the manifold in another position be sure to align the burners with the holes in the kiln bottom. 

Venting Torchbearer and Raku Kilns

Venting KilnsProper ventilation is required when firing a gas kiln. Gas kilns fired outside may not require a vent. When purchasing vents it is often best to choose a local HVAC or sheet metal manufacturer, or Olympic Kilns can manufacturer one for you. Vent dimensions need to be round or square in a cone shape and the bottom of the vent needs to be larger than the outside diameter of the kiln. Diameter at the top of the vent needs to be 10″ discharging into an exhaust pipe required by building conditions or local codes.