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High Volume Electric Kilns Designed for Long Life and Large Capacity Loads

Front, Top & Car Loading Models

Olympic Kilns builds affordable, powerful electric kilns for industrial, commercial, and production volume use. These models handle large capacity loads with ease, fire to high temperatures – cone 10, 2350°F, and are extremely durable and long-lasting. Our large electric kilns have many outstanding features including design options of top or front loading or car loading with a removable floor and door for convenient loading and unloading.

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The frames of the Large Capacity kilns are built of heavy angle iron and metal tubing. Kiln walls are 4 ½” thick constructed of insulating brick, 1” ceramic fiberboard, and 1” air space created by the tube frame. The design results in an energy-efficient kiln with a cooler surface and outside temperature.

Olympic’s high fire electric kilns have double insulated floors consisting of brick and ceramic fiberboard. Floor elements, when selected as an option in either the top or front loading models, are controlled by infinite switches and can be adjusted by the kiln operator as needed.

Front-loading models are built with door elements which are installed in a 4 ½” thick brick wall and backed with 1” x 1” steel tubing and 1” ceramic fiberboard. The binder in the ceramic board insulation will emit an odor during the first firing. This is normal and will not occur after the kiln has been fired for the first time. Ceramic fiber surrounds the brick insert in the door and provides a tight seal between the opening and the body of the kiln. The lids of the top loading models are comprised of pyro-brick modules and a counter-sprung lid for easy opening and closing of the kiln lid.

Olympic car kilns are built with a roll-out door and floor. Car tracks are 6 feet long for ample space to load and unload items being fired. Power cords connect the door elements to the electrical box when the door of the kiln is closed.

Our large capacity kilns are equipped with heavy gauge elements and industrial mercury relays for longevity. These heavy duty models come equipped with hinged electrical boxes and are equipped with their own breaker boxes for easy access, safety, and lockout.

Custom-made Large Capacity electric kilns quoted upon request.