Receiving Your Kiln

Olympic Kilns packs its merchandise so that it will arrive at its destination undamaged. Olympic orders are FOB origin when they leave our loading dock. This means we hold the carrier’s receipt that your order left in good condition. We do not allow any deductions from invoices for damaged ware.  It is the receiver’s responsibility to understand and comply with standard shipping and receiving practices as described in this section.

The carrier is responsible for transporting your freight but not for unloading it. A lift gate is required if you do not have a loading dock for shipments delivered by freight carrier.  UPS and FEDEX will deliver smaller shipments to your door.

If you do not have a loading dock, a lift gate for transporting the freight from the truck to ground level is required upon delivery. You will need to request lift gate service when ordering your kiln from your Olympic dealer. Otherwise additional freight charges will be incurred upon delivery of freight. It is your responsibility to move the freight from the truck to its place of use.

Lift gates are available  for kilns on 6 ft. x 6 ft. pallets or smaller.  Large Capacity Electric, Gas or Glass Fusing kiln 20 cubic feet and larger require the customer to have a forklift that can move the kiln from the truck to the desired location. If you do not have access to a forklift, check the internet or yellow pages for small moving companies that can take the freight off the long distance carrier and move the freight to the desired location. Give any prospective mover a physical description of the kiln, the weight, and inform them that it is designed to be picked up with a pallet truck or forklift only. 

Upon Delivery

You have the option of refusing delivery if the freight appears to be damaged. Check the count of the items ordered, and note on the carrier’s delivery receipt any shortages. If any damage appears on outside of package, have the driver inspect the packages and note on the carrier’s delivery receipt the damage. Immediately after delivery, open all cartons to determine if there is any concealed damage.

  • Retain all damage items with their packaging.
  • Call Olympic Kilns to report damage within 24 hours. If a call is made later than 36 hours, the carrier can deny your claim.
  • Confirm call in writing by registered mail and keep a copy for your records.

Upon Carrier Inspection

Make sure the damaged items have not been moved from the receiving area prior to discovery of the damage. Allow the inspector to inspect damaged items, cartons, inner packing materials and freight bill. Be sure to retain your delivery receipt, it will be required as supporting documentation when a claim is filed. Once the inspector has filled out the inspection report, read it carefully and make sure you agree with the report. Unless repairs will be completely satisfactory, be sure the inspector requests replacement on the inspection report otherwise a new item cannot be ordered to replace what can be repaired.

After Carrier Inspection

Continue to retain damaged merchandise even though the inspection has been completed. Damaged items cannot be used or disposed of without written permission from the carrier. Do not return damage items to the shipper without written authorization from the supplier. If damage items are picked up by the carrier for salvage secure the receipt.

Documents Required for Filing a Freight Claim

  • Your carrier’s loss or damage claim form
  • Shipper’s original invoice or copy
  • Original bill of lading
  • Original paid freight bill
  • Carrier’s inspection report
  • Repair invoice

It is the customer’s responsibility (as consignee) to file any claim. Olympic Kilns is willing to assist you in collecting claims but this willingness does not make us responsible for collection of claims or replacement of materials damaged or lost. Olympic Kilns cannot make freight claims for customers.