May Featured Product – High Fire Test Kilns 240-208 volt

The Olympic 1214HE, 1414HE and SQ169HE test kilns are a crucial tool for high production studio potters. Their small size makes them ideal for developing and trying new glaze recipes as well as running a new batch of glaze to see results before putting it on a full load of ware, and the kilns when not in use for testing are efficient for firing smaller loads.

Olympic Kilns small test kilns are powered to run on 240-208 volt and high fire to cone 10 -2350̊ F / 1288̊ C . The models are small yet larger than the typical 120 volt test kiln. Choose from cylindrical 12” – 14” wide or square 16” wide models equipped with electronic controllers for accurate programming to match results when items are fired in a larger production kiln.