Replacement Parts Price List

Just like any machine, kilns will need a little care from time to time. Your controller has seen better days or it’s time for a new heating element. Well, Olympic Kilns has you covered with our comprehensive replacement parts price list. Click on the link to download the Replacement Parts Price List.


The EPK – Electrical Parts Kit

The EPK – Electrical Parts Kit includes all the electrical components you need to stay on top of your kiln game.

Electrical Parts Kit

The EPK includes a full set of elements for the specific model, high temp connectors, element pins, transformer, fuse, crimping tool, a pint of mortar, lead wires with slip-on connectors, thermocouple, and relays. Never experience downtime again because you didn’t have a part on hand. Keep your great kiln a great kiln with an EPK. And you receive significant savings when purchasing an EPK compared to purchasing individual parts. Contact your Olympic Kilns distributor to order and specify your model and serial number with the voltage and wiring – single or three-phase.

Click on the link below to see THE EPK price list.