Raku & Torchbearer Updraft Gas Kilns

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Olympic Kilns updraft model gas kilns are available in three sizes (18″, 23″ and 28″ wide) and multiple depths ranging from 23″ to 31.5″ deep.

We offer two styles of updraft kilns:

  1. Raku Kiln – Built with a hand crank that lifts the firing chamber allowing access from all sides of the kiln. It’s designed to retain the heat in the firing chamber when it is opened.
  2. Torchbearer UpDraft – This top loading kiln is built in rings with a hinge lid. Additional rings can be added without decreasing the temperature range of the kiln.

Gas Kilns



Gas Kilns

18 Raku


Gas Kilns



Gas Kilns



Gas Kilns

23 Raku


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Gas Kilns



Gas Kilns

28 Raku