Olympic Kilns Quick Ship Is Back!!!

Quick Ship is Back!

Olympic is building select models for fast shipping.  These models will be available for shipping in 2 weeks or less from receipt of order.

Models* for Quick Ship!

  • Champ XL – 120 volt with RTC-1000 Controller

Great kiln for glass fusing, casting, tack fuse, precious metals, and jewelry that runs on 120 volts.  The inside dimensions are 14.5″ x 14.5″ wide x 6″ deep, which gives plenty of room for your creative projects.  Fires to 1700F.

Two of the Most Popular Sizes from the Medallion Artist Series

  • MAS1823HE – 240 volt with V6-CF Controller

The MAS1823HE is the perfect size kiln for home or small studio use.  The inside dimensions are 17.5″ wide x 22.5″ deep and the kilns fires to Cone 10 – 2350F. 

  • MAS2327HE – 240 volt with V6-CF Controller

When you need to go bigger, choose the MAS2327HE.  This is a great kiln for classrooms, studios, and workshops.  Inside dimensions are 23 3/8″ wide x 27″ deep and maximum firing temperature is Cone 10 -2350F.

*Model voltage and controller cannot be changed.

Call 800.241.4400 or Email contact@olympickilns.com to have your order placed for fast shipping!