The Freedom series is comprised of seven different sized kiln packages.

  • Freedom Kilns are made of 3″ brick for extra insulation and energy efficiency
  • Freedom Kilns fire to cone 10/2350°F
  • Freedom Kilns are equipped with a 12-key electronic controller that has cone firing mode and vary fire mode for ramp/hold programs,
  • Freedom Kiln Packages come with a kiln furniture kit – shelves, assorted size posts, and kiln wash
  • Freedom Kiln Packages include a free set of 33 assorted stilts to set glaze ware
  • Freedom Kiln Packages come with their own Freedom Kit, an emergency repair kit (2 elements, crimping tool, pint of mortar, thermocouple, and kiln’s wiring schematic
  • Freedom Kiln Packages include the Orton VentMaster