Freedom Kilns - March Featured Product


The Freedom series is comprised of seven packages of kiln models in varying widths (14.5″ to 37″) and depths (14″ to 29″).

Each kiln is made of 3″ brick for extra insulation and energy efficiency, each kiln fires to cone 10/2350°, and each kiln comes with its own Freedom Kit, an emergency repair kit so that you are free from worry and free to express your creative spirit.

  • Free to Go Green – Freedom Kilns are made of 3″ brick for extra insulation and energy efficiency and fire to cone 10/2350F°

  • Freedom from Worry – Freedom Kiln Packages come with their own Freedom Kit and an emergency repair kit (2 elements, crimping tool, pint of mortar, thermocouple, and kiln’s wiring schematic).

  • Freedom in Convenience – Freedom Kilns are equipped with a 12-key electronic controller that has cone firing mode and vary fire mode for ramp/hold programs which eliminate the need to sit with a kiln and turn dials up and down. The digital controller gives you precision firings so you get it right the first time!

  • Freedom from Hassle – There’s no hassle when you order a Freedom package.  Everything is included so you have what you need to begin creating. Freedom Kiln Packages come with a kiln furniture kit, including a free set of 33 assorted stilts and include the Orton Vent Master for venting.

Built Better, Built to Last