We are so excited about our new site, OlympicKilns.com. We are always looking for new innovative ways to connect with you and create products that perform, produce, and last. The new site highlights our celebration of 50 years in the business of building great kilns.

About Us shows our progress over the years, how we began and where we are going.

Search Distributors for the best service and pricing near you.  Olympic distributors will help you select the Olympic kiln that will help you reach your goals.

Products – Electric, Gas, and Glass firing kilns built better for over 50 years. Determine what type of Olympic kiln works best for your location and what will produce the results you want.  There’s plenty of product specifications so you will feel confident when you have chosen your Olympic kiln.

Featured People will feature real people who fire in an Olympic kiln and what they create.  It’s not just about art but it is an art, a mastery to firing and getting the results you intended.

Olympic will feature products monthly and any newsworthy items of interest. We are celebrating 50 years of building gas and electric kilns and having fun doing so. How about fifty ways to love your Olympic kiln?  Spread the word and let us share your love story.

Videos are on the site to educate you on how to program your electronic controller.  Listen to Sarah because what Sarah says will empower you to run your kiln with ease and confidence.

Contact Us directly to answer any questions or suggestions you may have.