Who? You! Olympic Kilns is looking for people who fire their work in an Olympic kiln.  We will promote you on our site and other media outlets.  We want to show the world what can be created when firing in an Olympic kiln and you are the ticket to get us there.  You don’t have to be an arty artist, anyone who creates and fires an Olympic kiln to make their creation.

What? We will need you to fill out the form on the site providing us with the Olympic model you fire, a short bio about yourself and contact information. A photo of you and your Olympic kiln and photos of the work you create can be directly uploaded to us.

Where? OlympicKilns.com

When? Now!  Don’t wait, let the world know what you can do.

How?  Begin by uploading your information and photos and we will tell the world all about you and your Olympic kiln!