Kevin Russell inspires others through his art just as he has been inspired by others over the years. At the age of 12 Kevin discovered the potters wheel. He says, “This was a life altering experience, the potter’s wheel and vessels are my life’s passion.”

Russell’s ceramic interest was further nurtured and guided by his high school instructor, Wes Blizzard. He went on to earn a B.B.B. at the University of Findlay and served as a student assistant in the art department. Graduate work was completed at Fort Hays University earning him a M.F.A. in ceramics. During his studies Russell had the opportunity to work with ed Corle and had interactions with artists Jim Leedy, Paul Soldner, Steven Hill, Don Ritz and Tom Coleman – all who have had an influence on the work he creates and teaches now.

Coming full circle Kevin teaches at Westland High School where he was mentored by Wes Blizzard. His work has been on display at gallery 831 in Columbus, Ohio –

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