In 2003 I met Jo Connell, professional potter in Warwickshire and my eyes and heart were opened to the joys of pottery. I was lucky enough to spend time with her learning some basics.

My Husband and I moved to West Bloomfield, Michigan in 2008 and I was gifted a membership to the BBAC (Birmingham and Bloomfield Art Center) by Elaine Burasso who encouraged me to take classes in ceramics.In the more recent past I have attended workshops at the BBAC by Frank James Fisher, a local ceramic artist, Sue O’Connor, teacher at the BBAC and classes with Susan Filley and Leah Leitson at Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. All so much fun and highly recommend workshops.I love ceramics and the challenges of creating, glazing and firing, but my favorite is to Raku Fire.

I attended NCECA in Rhode Island that year and visited the Olympic Kilns booth. We had a good talk about the 18” gas raku kiln on display and I was so excited I sent a photo of it to my husband back in Michigan. He advised me to do some research, and on the last day I was there I bought the kiln. These photos show the very first firing when a friend, my husband and I fired some pots. It was a great feeling and so satisfying.

Beverly Jenkins